The g-PBL program was held in Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT) premise from 10th to 15th of February 2023. The participating institutions were SIT and Osmania University (OU). The participating students and faculties were from bachelors and master’s level from various departments. This program provided the participating students with international exposure and platform to share their ideas and culture.

On 11th of February, students from Osmania University were guided from the hotel to the Omiya campus. The students were guided to Omiya campus and then to GLC floor. In the GLC floor they were given introductory presentations on importance of superconductors, background, general information and their implications on the field of energy and environment. The presentations were delivered by the Prof. Muralidhar Miryala, and PhD/ master Students. The Q&A session held after each presentation provided students with insightful information relating to their curiosity. Furthermore, students were actively engaged with the presenters and showed genuine interest in the field of superconducting materials.

After the presentation sessions the students and the professors went for Indian meal at a nearby restaurant. Everyone was eager to see the Japanese houses and well-maintained pathways on the way. After the meal laboratory visit and laboratory demonstration were conducted by the prof. Miryala and other lab members. The introductory lab visit was handled by Ph.D. Students Akash Garg Agrawal, Malik Shadab, Aliah Nursyahirah Kamarudin, and masters student Roshan Parajuli. Osmania University’s students were introduced to various laboratory equipment used in fabrication, processing, and characterization of the superconducting materials. The OU’s students were explained the working mechanism and the usage method for each of the devices present in the laboratory such as SEM, TEM, SQUID, Furnaces, Glove box, Ultrasonicator, XRD and other equipment as well. After the Lab tour, the student got the chance to see the levitation experiment and interact with the magnets and superconducting materials themselves. Prof. Miryala explained the underlying process to the students as they took part in the experiments. Everyone got the chance to see the levitation/fishing effect and play with the setup. The students were elated to get the chance to see the effect in person.


After the laboratory tour and experiments/demonstrations were over students were taken on a brief tour through SIT Omiya campus premise and then to the SIT dormitory. The day ended with invigorated students heading to their hotel.