Professor Muralidhar Miryala

Name Award/Decoration/Citation

Year in which it was granted

Name of country/Orgaization which given the Award

Work/Reasons/accomplishments for which Award was given

SIT Chairman’s Award (2021)


Japan/ Shibaura Institute of Technology

In recognition of his outstanding achievements. He has actively accepted international students and contributed to the advanced international program, and he has greatly contributed to strengthening the research capabilities and enhancing the brand image of the university.

Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award (PBSA) by President, Govt. of India


India/ Govt. of India

The Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Awards were conferred by the Hon’ble President Shri Ram Nad Kovind at the PBD Convention in the valedictory session of the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas celebrations. The awardees represent the vibrant excellence achieved by the Indian diaspora in various fields.

Best Faculty Award


International Research Award on New Science Inventions

The award is based on the faculty`s research capabilities, latest publication, quality of paper, novelty, and past performance as only the researcher is provisionally selected as an award nominee.

Vebleo Fellow


Vebleo executive board 

Vebleo Fellow recognizes researcher or scientist who has prominence and leadership in the field of science, engineering, and technology.

IAAM Fellow


IAAM executive board 

The Fellow of IAAM is recognized as a prestigious title that is only conferred upon deserving researchers who have made significant contributions to the world of Advanced Materials Science, Engineering, and Technology.

SIT Excellent Education Award


Japan/ Shibaura Institute of Technology

Recognized for outstanding scholarly, scientific, and university globalization achievements and awarded for exemplary leadership and major contribution to the development of Shibaura Institute of Technology.

Kanto Society for Engineering Education Award


Japan/Kanto Society for Engineering Education

Annual International High School Internship Program was recognized as a great contribution in the field of engineering education in higher education and this award is supported by Kanto Society for Engineering Education.  

Amity Global Academic Excellence Award


India/ Amity University

Amity Global Academic excellence Award is bestowed during the summit and celebrates individuals who make remarkable contribution in academic and higher education management.

RTRI-Awards for excellence in Research


Japan/Railway Technical Research Institute

Recognizes outstanding scientists for exemplary achievement in research that has or is likely to have an important impact on the field of superconductivity. The individual’s work represents a body of original, mature and sustained contribution to the advancement of the railway applications.

ISTEC-Awards for excellence in Research



Annual award given to a researcher in the field of high temperature superconductivity as recognition of excellence of their career.

ISTEC-Awards for excellence in Research



Annual award given to a researcher in the field of high temperature superconductivity as recognition of excellence of their career.

Most popular paper at Supercond. Sci. Tech


UK/Supercond. Sci. Tech., IOP Publishers

Reputed for one of the most transformational research with world record results along with highest number of citations and reads.

Director Award



Internationally/nationally    honored for first levitation in liquid oxygen temperature which is applied for aeronautic/medical applications.

Best Oral Presentation Award


Japan/IWCC 11

Recognize scientific papers of exceptional quality delivered through oral presentations at the International Conference Day. The achievement encourages the continual participation of our researchers to showcase their works in the future.

Best Poster Presentation Award



Recognizes scientific merit exhibited in the Poster Presentation.

New Energy Development Organization (NEDO), Fellow



Regarded as highly prestigious award since it is strongly competed among national/international research scholars

PASREG Award of Excellence



Recognized for distinguished achievements in the field of bulk superconductivity by International PASREG committee

Iwate Govt. of Japan Fellowship


Japan/Iwate Government

Achieved fellowship worth to pursue scientific research activities.

Director Award



Honored for new class discovery of NEG-123 material which will be useful for MRI/NMR, drug delivery, water purification applications and transportation facilities. 

Science & Technology Agency (STA) Fellowship



Noted as a prestigious fellowship for post-doc awarded by Japanese Government.

Young Scientist Project Award



National recognition to encourage young Indian scientists towards providing innovative technological opportunities for passionate young researchers.

ICTP Guest Scientist



Recognition as a renowned scientist from all over the world that enables an experience for the basis of successful collaborative projects and/or publications and helps to better the qualifications of junior scientists.

University Bursary fellow in M.Sc


India/Osmania University

Monetary award made by Osmania University for the top 1% of the student’s population to pursue their graduate studies.