The g-PBL program occurred at Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT) from September 24 to September 30, 2023, with collaboration between SIT and the Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (IITH). Participants, including professors and students from various departments, were exposed to diverse cultures and provided a platform to present them.

The program commenced with the arrival of participants at the airport on September 24, followed by an inaugural ceremony at the Toyosu campus. Orientation sessions by SIT’s Division of International Office and presentations by Prof. M. Muralidhar and Prof. Deepu J Babu highlighted study opportunities and fostered intercultural connections. A campus tour, welcome lunch, and a Yukata Traditional Clothing Workshop enriched the cultural experience.

Participants explored Sensō-ji to learn about Japanese culture and spirituality, engaging in activities like trying good luck charms and fortune-telling rituals. The day concluded with participants returning to their hotel, brimming with energy. On September 26, IITH students visited the National Museum of Nature and Science, followed by TEPIA to explore Japanese technological advances. The day emphasized hands-on interaction with technology and innovation.

On September 27, gPBL participants visited SIT’s Omiya campus, delving into the concept of superconductivity. The visit included a live demonstration of superconductors at liquid nitrogen temperature, a campus tour, and presentations on ongoing research. The experience was described as joyous and highly educational.


September 28 featured a workshop on “Climate Action and Sustainable Energy” at SIT, focusing on SDG7. Participants discussed ideas and solutions for energy sustainability, with a winning team presenting innovative solutions for environmental protection in jeans production. The day concluded with a visit to Tokyo’s Miraikan Museum, promoting scientific knowledge and innovation.

On the same day, the closing ceremony for the gPBL SIT-IITH program took place at Toyosu campus, featuring presentations by IIT Hyderabad participants on their cultural experiences and learnings. The ceremony included a farewell lunch, certificate awards, closing remarks, and a group photo, marking the successful completion of the program.

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Masters Student, Roshan Parajuli, of Miryala Lab attended SEATUC 2023 consortium and presented the work on boron ultrasonication. The paper titled “Boron Particle Size Reduction

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