Advances in Superconducting Cable Technology and its Applications

Fall / Period 4 & 5 / Monday

Purpose of class

  • The purpose of the course is understanding the scientific principles of production of superconducting tapes for development of cables for industrial applications. Students will be motived to develop a commitment to produce the technology for the public interest.

Goals and objectives

  • The students will know unique knowledge and understanding of variety of superconducting tapes/wires production techniques.
  • The students reflect upon the design and develop prototype superconducting cables (Bi-2223).
  • The students will demonstrate knowledge in regards to the design of low temperature cryostat for characterization of power cables around 77K.

The students will understand the prominence of high-Tc HTS cables especially towards transport and Power Applications

  • The students will be actuated to demonstrate both knowledge and skills needed for usage of HTSC cables in real life applications.

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