Development of a small-size superconducting bulk magnet

 Recently a superconducting magnetizing system was developed using cylindrical GdBa2Cu3Oy “Gd-123” melt-processed material, which is very compact, lightweight, high-Tc  superconducting  magnetizing system. The Gd-123 superconducting material has very high critical current density at liquid nitrogen temperature (-196 oC). This small compact product can be used  in material analysis equipment and which can  operate very cheap liquid nitrogen temperature. The magnet was developed using ten annular co-axially oriented single-domain bulk superconductors with their c-axes along vertical direction. Each bulk has an outer diameter of 80 mm and  an inner diameter of 50 mm and 20 mm thickness and  reinforced through resin impregnation. It was confirmed  that the magnetic field at the center of the ring magnet reaches 2.59 T for a  ten piled rings. The results proved that using high-Tc bulk superconducting rings, a portable and mobile permanent magnet system can be designed, having similar properties as a big and heavy conventional superconducting magnet. Such a magnet is of a great utility for magnetizing both high-Tc superconducting materials and magnetic materials in a variety of industrial applications. The main prerequisite of the system operation is, however, that it is all the time at liquid nitrogen temperature.

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